ST19 Dimmable Bulb - Amber

Description Specifications


Vintage Style Bulbs: Preserve the retro style of traditional Edison light bulbs, will certainly add character to any room! It looks just like conventional edison bulbs but with the LED advantage -- Low-heat, energy-saving, long lifespan.

Amber Warm Light: Vintage bulb gives off beautiful warm, unharsh, ambient lighting instead of overwhelmingly bright lighting, make your room look nicer, cozier and more inviting.

Save Your Money: LED Filament bulbs replace 40W incandescent bulb by 4W LED, will save over 90% on electricity bill of lighting. Made by unique sturdy GOLD FILAMENT offers it 25,000hrs lifespan, you can use for 45 years base on use 3hrs a day.

Enhance Your Home: Fits into any E26 or E27 base, fitting your standard home lighting sockets, as well as any pendant light fixture. Ideal for your outdoor lanterns, ceiling fixtures, sputnik chandeliers and more places you'd like to decorate with.