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About Us

We are Manufacturer

Dot Lighting (Canada) Inc., a Canadian branch of the manufacturer ZHEJIANG DOT LIGHTING CO. LTD (No. 768, AnChang Road, Shao Xing, Zhejiang, China), was funded in 2016 in Markham, Ontario with a main office and over 8000 square feet warehouse.

about us

As the above picture showing, Dot Lighting manufacturer started production as early as 1990, progressing from bulb parts production to full LED lighting bulbs, fixtures production. We are one of the major OEM suppliers to Osram and Philips.

Our manufacturer specializes in the development and manufacturer of the most advanced electrical lamps in the world. Our products feature a lower price-performance ratio, they have high quality, are safe and reliable, environmental protective, simple and easy to install and maintain. Our products have been widely used in interior lighting, outdoor lighting, residential lighting and commercial lighting.

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